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Has Mother Nature grabbed a hold of your vehicle, and unleashed terror as BJ Penn did with Diego Sanchez in their UFC 107 fight.  Unlike in the UFC, there is no ref to stop the fight. And as far as tapping out? That does not exist in a fight with Mother Nature. She is relentless when it comes to depositing that debris onto your defenseless vehicle. Avoiding Mother Nature obviously is not an option, so what do you do? 

Welcome to Boston Auto & Detailing. Located in Clinton, New York, we are the top vehicle detailing company in the New York professional car detailing industry. Our professionally trained vehicle detailing specialists are ready for a “no holds barred” battle. The prize is your vehicle. We have trained day and night to combat the Dirty tricks that Mother Nature likes to try to play. We’ve developed our own dirty fight moves against Mother Nature.  She may have throat punches, but we will jab her with an unexpected exterior car wash. Then we will add in a few uppercuts When we polish your car to a shine.  When Mother Nature tries to throw a haymaker into play, we are going to counter with a Hook Punch and show her what a ceramic coating can do! 

Our service area ranges from Clinton, New York, all the way to Rome, Utica, and even Oneida. We are the company you can trust to take care of your vehicle and YOU through the entire detailing process. With our high-quality detailing supplies and our next-level customer service, no other car wash service or detailing company can even come close to us. When you are looking for something better than a simple car wash Oneida NY, call in our team of expert detailers. Our dedicated team of detailing experts will show you what a TRUE clean for your vehicle looks like. 

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Too many times our team has seen customers come in who have gone to the same detailer for a while and never get the results they need. They are fed up with incomplete cleans and tired of paying for a job that isn’t well done. That’s where we come in and how we are different than all the rest. We actually care. We do not call any vehicle complete until the job is DONE! If we wouldn’t accept one of our cleans for our personal vehicles, it isn’t done well enough. We treat your vehicle like one of our own and deliver an all-around clean fit for a vehicle Rockstar. 

We offer many different types of services to cover all your detailing needs from the interior to the exterior or a combination of both. When every other car wash Rome NY and detailer has let you down and failed to complete their job the way you needed it to be done, call someone better equipped for the job. Call our expert team of detailers here at Boston Auto & Detailing at (315-795-9195)! Our dedicated team will deliver the quality you have been searching for from a car detailing Utica NY company you can trust. 

Why Should You Choose Our Team at Boston Auto & Detailing? 

Boston Auto & Detailing is the best of the best in the detailing industry. We offer competitive pricing for all our services. Our customer service is better than the rest, better than you have ever experienced before. Our expert team always shows up on time. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality professional detailing services and next-level customer service to every single person that turns to us. When you are looking for a reputable professional detailing company that truly cares about you and your vehicle, look no further than us! Boston Auto & Detailing is a company that is small enough to care about each and every one of our customers, yet big enough to deliver high-quality services you won’t get anywhere else. We never underdeliver and never overcharge for our high-quality detailing services. With our expert team and our professional-grade cleaning supplies, Boston Auto & Detailing is the only place you will ever need to go for all your needed services for auto detailing Oneida NY (and surrounding cities). Our team offers you many different service options to ensure all your detailing needs are covered and delivered.

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Auto Detailing Clinton NY Services We Offer:

  • Level 1 Detail – This service package is our basic level cleaning option. It covers all the obvious areas like windows, carpets, and basic exterior surfaces and is good for a quick clean. When you just want a quick clean but you don’t want to go to a drive-through car wash Utica NY, choose our Level 1 Detail Service.
  • Level 2 Detail – Our Level 2 Detail is our more extensive detailing service package. It covers more areas of your vehicle’s exterior and offers various protection treatments to help keep your vehicle safe from Mother Nature’s torments. 
  • Interior – Our Interior Detail Service for car detailing Oneida NY (and neighboring cities) is a full cleaning for your whole interior. Complete with full vacuuming, window cleaning, vinyl and leather cleaning, and more! 
  • Exterior – Our Exterior Detail Service offers you a full exterior cleaning for your vehicle, from top to bottom. Your windows and tires will not be left out of this service. They will receive a full cleaning, as well, before your Exterior Detail Service is complete. 
  • Maintenance – On top of our amazing auto detailing Oneida New York services, we also offer some maintenance services for your vehicle. For more information on the services we offer for vehicle maintenance, give us a call today and speak to one of our experts. 

Add-ons –  Here at Boston Auto & Detailing, we have various add-ons to help you tailor our car detailing Rome NY packages to your vehicle’s specific cleaning needs. We want to be able to offer every service needed to cover every customer’s specific needs for their vehicle. With our amazing package add-ons, we can do just that.


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With all these amazing service package options and add-ons that we have to offer, we have everything you need for the best car detailing your vehicle has ever seen. Our team is dedicated to offering the highest-quality cleans and best customer service that can be found in Clinton, NY, and the neighboring cities. With us by your side, you will never have to deal with an incomplete clean from an uncaring detailing service again. You can always turn to us for all your car detailing needs in and around Clinton, New York. 


Your car is arguably one of the most expensive investments you will make in your lifetime. Protect that investment with a company that knows what they are doing, truly cares about you, and gets the job done right the first time around. You care about your vehicle, from its interior cleanliness to its outward appearance. We care about you, which means we care about your car as well. Turn to someone you can trust to take care of your automobile the right way. Turn to us, Boston Auto & Detailing.


Our high-quality professional vehicle detailing services knock the competition right out of the water. No other detailing company or car wash service can stand a full round in the ring with our team of experts. We come out on top each and every time. We are the expert team you want to handle all your auto detailing Clinton NY needs. When you choose us for your detailing needs, you and your car WIN, every time. Your car gets a company that can take care of any size mess with ease, while you get a friendly team that offers the highest levels of customer service you have ever seen.


When a Clinton car wash just can’t get the job done and other detailers have repeatedly let you down, call us, Boston Auto & Detailing. We are your team for all your auto detailing needs in Clinton, New York, and the surrounding cities. With our highly-trained team and our professional-grade cleaning supplies, we are the only place you will ever need to go for all your needed auto detailing Utica NY services. (Customers in nearby cities are always welcome here at Boston Auto & Detailing. You may not be directly in Clinton, New York, but you and your vehicle still matter to us.)

Call Boston Auto & Detailing today at 315-795-9195 to set up an appointment for our highly-trained detailing experts to show your vehicle the care it deserves. Your car has been dealing with incomplete cleans from other detailers and car washes for far too long. Now is the perfect time to show your vehicle what a professional detailing company can do with just some cleaning supplies and a little bit of time. For a free quote on your desired auto detailing services, fill out the contact form that is conveniently located on every page. Please be sure to include your full name, a working phone number where we can reach you, and a current email, so we can get in contact with you as quickly as possible.

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