Boston Auto & Detailing was born from a desire to help the community and save them from car washes and detailing services that did not care about the customer or their vehicle. Owner, Eric Boston, started the company as simply a maintenance shop before he realized the need for a professional and reputable detailing company in the area. Now his company has grown into an all-around automobile shop, that is here for you, our valued customer. Eric has had a love of cars for as long as he can remember and, now, with his own auto detailing and maintenance company, he can put that love to work. When you are looking for a team of auto detailing Clinton NY experts who truly care about YOU and treat your vehicle with the tender loving care it deserves, skip the car wash and call Boston Auto & Detailing. Our team of highly-trained detailing experts is ready to show you what a true clean for your vehicle looks like and offer you customer service like you have never seen before. 

Call us today to set up an appointment with our detailing experts. Your car has been dealing with incomplete cleans from car washes for too long. It is time to show your vehicle what a professional detailing company can do with just some cleaning supplies and a little bit of time. For a free quote on your desired services, fill out the contact form conveniently located on every page. Please be sure to include your full name and a working phone number and email, so we can get in contact with you as quickly as possible.

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