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At Boston Auto & Detailing, we offer some add-ons to our maintenance and auto detailing Clinton NY service packages, all ranging at various prices based on the service requested. 

Add-ons We Offer:

Iron Decontamination (Price: $46) – Even with normal use, your vehicle is bombarded by all types of contaminants on a day-to-day basis. Some of these cannot be removed with a simple wash. Thankfully, Boston Auto & Detailing is here to tackle those tough to clean contaminants for you in no time. 

Jet Seal (Price: $19.99) – Even car owners who are super safe drivers can end up with scratches and blemishes on their vehicle’s paint job. Jet Seal is a high-quality paint sealant that can help protect your beautiful paint job from the elements while adding a nice shine at the same time. 

Carpet Protection (Price: $49.99) – Utilizing a high-quality carpet protectant, our team will treat all the carpeted areas in your vehicle to help protect them from damages from spills, mud puddles, and everything else our interior’s deal with daily. 

Tar Removal (Price: $15) – Driving around day to day, your vehicle can become covered in tar that your tires pull up from the roads and fling over every surface of your vehicle’s exterior. It may seem like no big deal, but tar can be very harmful to your vehicle’s sensitive exterior and can cause major problems if not removed quickly and properly. Our team of car detailing Oneida NY experts is here to effectively and quickly remove traces of tar from the outer surface of your vehicle.

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Bug Removal (Price: $35) – Nobody wants unsightly bug splatter covering the exterior of their vehicle. If it is on the windows, it can interfere with your ability to see while you’re on the road and that can be extremely dangerous for you and other drivers around you. Not to worry; our team can tackle that pesky bug splatter on your automobile quickly and effectively. 

Engine Bay Detail (Price: $12.99) – We don’t often consider that our vehicle’s engine collects dirt, dust, and grime. As a general rule, a vehicle’s engine should be detailed at least every 6 months, with around 3 months between each detailing being the ideal time. Whether you are someone who makes sure your engine is regularly detailed or someone who didn’t know they needed to clean their engine, we are here for you for all your auto detailing Utica NY (and surrounding cities) needs. 

Headlight Restoration (Price: $29.99) – Our team will bring your headlights back to life with a full removal of the oxidation and yellowing that occur over time from basic use of your vehicle. With this add-on to our car detailing Rome NY (and nearby areas), your headlights can look like new again! 

Stain Removal (Charged by the hour) – Are there pesky stains all over your vehicle’s interior that a basic cleaning just can’t fix? You can add on a stain removal upgrade to your auto detailing Oneida New York services to help take care of them once and for all. 

Heavy Cut and Polish (Charged by the hour) – If your vehicle is plagued with deep scratches and intense fading, adding our heavy cut and polish to your car detailing Utica NY is probably a good plan. This will help bring back life into your faded and scratched vehicle. 

Buff and Polish (Charged by the hour) – Your vehicle may have some medium impact fading and scratches covering the exterior. It’s too much for a basic polish to handle, but not quite in need of intense therapy. That is what our buff and polish service is perfect for. 

Polish (Charged by the hour) – When your vehicle is dealing with some light fading and scratches on the exterior surface, our polish add-on can be a perfect solution. Our team will help bring back some life to your vehicle and leave it shining in the sunlight.  

Film Removal (Charged by the hour)- When your vehicle’s film is beyond repair by polishing, our team can step in and remove it for you. A damaged film can make your car look rundown and old. Let our team remove it for you and clean up your vehicle’s exterior appearance.