Utica Ceramic Coating

With our company, we take pride in every customer’s vehicle throughout Clinton, Utica, Rome, and Oneida NY. The products that we use to help your vehicle achieve SHOWROOM quality as well as the protection that is long lasting. Boston Auto & Detail, located in Clinton, NY is THE TOP vehicle detailing company in the New York professional car detailing industry. Boston Auto & Detail is the only CERTIFIED Ceramic Coating installer within a 75 Mile Radius From Clinton, NY

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Have you ever felt like detailing alone was not enough to fully take care of your vehicle? Well, you would be absolutely right. Detailing alone is not all that your vehicle needs to be in the best possible condition. Your vehicle needs added protection for its sensitive exterior on top of regular cleanings. 

Before going into the ring against Mother Nature, you will want an endurance-built protection system in place. That’s what ceramic coating is for. Ceramic coating is an additional coating that will help protect your vehicle against her brutal jab. Ceramic coating is the good old “one, two punch”. 

Rome NY Ceramic Coating?

Clinton NY Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating can be a great service to utilize if you want to help protect your vehicle from the elements just that little extra bit. Boston Auto & Detailing is here to deliver high-quality ceramic coating services completed by a team of auto detailing Clinton NY experts. 

  Ceramic Coating Services We Offer Here at Boston Auto & Detailing:

  • Ceramic Coating (Flat Fee: $800) – Our full ceramic coating service offers you added protection for your vehicle’s sensitive exterior. 
  • Ceramic Coating For Wheels (Price: $25) – Add-on to our auto detailing Utica NY service packages that offers you a little extra protection for your vehicle’s sensitive exterior. 

Hydroslick Ceramic Coating (Price Per Vehicle: $59.99) – Add-on to our car detailing Oneida NY service packages that offers you a little extra protection for your vehicle’s sensitive exterior.

Oneida Ceramic Coating

Rome Auto DetailingWhen you are looking for a reputable company for car detailing Rome NY that offers ceramic coating services for your automobile, turn to us. Here at Boston Auto and Detailing, training is a crucial part of our business. Without the proper foundation, Mother Nature would be able to grab your vehicle with a double leg takedown and unleash her cruel beating upon the vulnerable extension of your family. We fight back from day 1. We are trained to combat all of her moves. We have studied Mother Nature. We know what move she is going to make before she makes it. Ceramic coating will help protect your vehicle from the uric acids secreted from bugs and bird droppings that bombarded your vehicle. Driving down the highway doing 60MPH is a perfect opportunity for Mother Nature to throw her Left at your vehicle.  Having a ceramic coating professionally installed by Boston Auto & Detailing will create the perfect opportunity for slipping out of the grasp of the environmental dangers of Mother Nature. Mother Nature may be sneaky and tries to be unpredictable, but our team specializes in fancy footwork. With ceramic coating, you can dodge Mother Nature’s haymakers and fight back with intensity. We’ll throw Mother Nature into a Full Nelson and force her into submission. We will throw your vehicle into a class far above what Mother Nature can handle. She can play with the welterweights. We’ve turned your vehicle into a heavyweight fighting machine! Call us today for ceramic coating and hit her with a combination of jabs, hammer punches, and uppercuts and fight back against her forces!


Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coating

  • Your automobile deserves nothing but the best. That’s why owners and collectors of the finest vintage and exotic automobiles worldwide choose System X Automotive Ceramic Protection. Quite Simply, they trust System X Ceramic Coatings to consistently provide unmatched paint protection, hardness, and brilliance.
  • From salt to sand, scratches, exhaust, pollutants, insect contaminants, moisture and UV rays; your automobile is vulnerable to numerous types of paint defects. In bonding to the substrate, System X Ceramic Protection provides a ceramic shield that can’t be washed off.                      
  • The unique formula of System X Ceramic Protection locks in long-lasting beauty by keeping paint clean and retaining high gloss. The result? Greatly reduced time and expenses related to ongoing care and maintenance.
  • The System X line is specifically formulated to enable application on virtually all dirt and corrosion-prone surfaces of your car – whether interior or exterior. That means powerful protection for everything from steel and aluminum to leather vinyl, fabric, carpet, and glass.
  • The sun is relentless in its assault on your automobile’s appearance. System X Auto Ceramic Protection provides maximum UV ray protection for paint, to prevent unsightly damage associated with aging and fading colors.