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Here at Boston Auto & Detailing, our auto detailing Oneida NY services are classified with a level system. The higher the service level, the more extensive of a detail your vehicle will receive. **The prices for each level of service will vary based on the type of vehicle you have.**

We have several packages designed with your convenience in mind. Our level 1 package is our basic level package. Within this package, you will get a full vacuum of your interior and trunk. We will spot clean ALL of your upholstery.  No worries! We aren’t going to forget to clean and dress your interior vinyl. If you have leather, we will clean and condition all of your interior leather, leaving it looking fresh. We will finish your vehicle off with a streak-free cleaning of your windows and an exterior wash.

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Our Level 2 Detail is our basic level interior and exterior detailing service option. A Level 2 Detail for car detailing Rome NY includes a simple exterior clean for your vehicle and outside-facing windows. Your trunk surfaces and the interior of your vehicle will be thoroughly vacuumed to rid them of pesky dirt and dust build-up. ALL upholstery inside your vehicle will be steam cleaned and shampooed. Any interior vinyl and leather surfaces will be cleaned and dressed/conditioned. Finishing off the interior portion, your inner-facing windows will also be cleaned to a streak-free shine. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the exterior. With a Level 2 Detail, your vehicle’s exterior will be fully cleaned from top to bottom. Your tires and wheel wells will also be completely cleansed and shined with our high-quality tire cleaning products. Your exterior will also receive a hand wax to help rid your paint job and clear coat from contaminants and help protect them from future problems.

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A Level 3 Detail is a little more complex than a Level 2. For a Level 3 Detail, your interior and exterior will receive a full cleaning. Your vehicle’s interior surfaces, including the trunk, will be fully vacuumed out to rid it of any dirt and dust build-up. All areas of upholstery in your vehicle will be thoroughly steam cleaned and shampooed to help tackle the tougher areas of dirt. Your vinyl surfaces will be fully cleaned and dressed, while any leather will be fully cleaned and conditioned. During our special Level 3 Detail, your vehicle’s exterior will not be forgotten. On top of a regular exterior wash, your vehicle will also receive a clay bar treatment and iron decontamination to remove any contaminants that a simple wash will not touch. Your tires and wheel wells will be blessed with a full cleaning and shining with our high-quality supplies. To help remove any scratches and blemished from your vehicle’s clear coat, our Level 3 Detail also includes a full machine buff and polish, with a paint sealant added afterward to help protect your clear coat and paint job from future blemishes. When our Level 3 Detail for auto detailing Clinton NY is complete, your vehicle will look better than you have seen it in a long time (maybe ever), inside and out. 

With our various level service packages, we have everything you could ever need for car detailing Utica NY (and surrounding areas). When you are looking for a deep clean that is better than anything a drive-through car wash Utica NY (and surrounding cities) could offer, give us a call. At Boston Auto & Detailing we are dedicated to showing our customers what a true clean looks like. There is no better service around for your vehicle’s auto detailing Utica NY needs. 

With our carpet extractions, we will lift and remove those ground in stains by utilizing a system that will allow us to apply a hot solution to your stain and simultaneously suction the water, along with the ground in residue. This gives a deeper clean to your carpets and upholstery, removing more of those lingering odors. 

*Boston Auto & Detailing reserves the right to adjust any pricing.